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anal- ogy-
ass dispenser, butt wiper


Philippines opens first street urinals for women

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MANILA, Philippines – The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has reportedly invited women’s groups to inspect and try out newly constructed women’s urinals along a major thoroughfare.

Female Rotary Club members and unspecified women’s groups were called on to inspect 4 covered toilets, found underneath the Ortigas and Quezon Avenue MRT stations along Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA).

The MMDA said it has scheduled the inspection on Friday (February 5).

“I am encouraging the ladies to use this first batch of urinals and give MMDA feedbacks as to their viability [in terms of design and location]. That way, we would know which aspects we need to improve,” said MMDA Chairman Oscar Inocentes in a press statement.

The urinals are high 4-wall cement slabs with roofing and doors. The structures, painted in shades of green, have slits near the ceiling for ventilation.

According to the MMDA, the urinals will be manned by MMDA personnel to maintain cleanliness.

The female urinals, Inocentes said, are “primarily designed to save women the trouble of running to distant fast food chains and restaurants to urinate.”

The MMDA will supposedly construct more urinals for females if there is “clamor” for these facilities.

Anything goes?

The female urinals are just some of the women-oriented projects implemented by newly appointed MMDA chairman.

Inocentes previously ordered that the stairs on major MMDA flyovers should be covered up to prevent peeping toms from looking up women’s skirts as they climb up the steps.

This was in response to complaints by women’s groups. However, former MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando criticized the plan to install covered women’s urinals, saying these rooms could be abused.

Fernando, who is running for vice president this year under the Bagumbayan Party, was quoted in the Philippine Star as saying: “People can do anything inside the covered urinals.”

Fernando added that the MMDA– which is in charge of traffic, roadworks and trash collection systems in the city– should “put up more standard toilets for women.”

He added that the urinals should be maintained to prevent misuse or disrepair.

Male urinals, a project of Fernando during his term, have been criticized for their stench.

These pink male urinals (following Fernando’s favored magenta and blue traffic color scheme) were recently repainted green.

Worldly urinals

Public urinals are used in several parts of the world.

The “She-Pee”, a bright pink women’s urinal used at a London outdoor festival in 2004, requires women to stand against the contraption’s wall and urinate into a chute via a plastic funnel.

Two women can share separate compartments in one She-Pee at any given time.

The She-Pee compartment comes with a small door that only cover’s a woman’s lower back and buttocks.

Meanwhile, several countries like the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada use the high-tech UriLift system as part of their public sanitation programs.

The UriLift, originally designed to give late-night drunkards a place to urinate, is a 2-meter high stainless steel cylinder with 3 urinal alcoves and no doors.

The contraption, designed specifically for males, is lowered underground by day and hydraulically lifted to sidewalk level by night. With reports from Reuters and the Philippine Star.

Toilet Ambassadors

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Instead of literally sitting on their asses with dour expressions, these 5 lucky individuals will be sitting with a silly grin on their faces.

Hmmm, instead of a whiff of poop, they will be smelling the greens. Stinky job no more?

$10,000 toilet job up for grabs in NY

NEW YORK – Wanted: outgoing and enthusiastic applicants to work as restroom ambassadors in central New York location. Good pay.

Amid a struggling U.S. economy, hundreds of jobseekers applied on Thursday at the open auditions for the opportunity to interact with guests at the Times Square restrooms, lured by the promise of $10,000 for 6 weeks’ work.

In addition to greeting guests the 5 lucky applicants will comment and blog about the experience on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

“I’ll glue myself to a toilet for $10,000,” actor Carlos Lozada told the panel of casting agency judges who will select the winners of the national search.

For the past few years toilet paper maker Charmin has set up the toilets to provide relief for the throngs tourists in Midtown Manhattan during the holiday season.

Bathroom ambassadors

This year the company wanted to enhance the experience with five bathroom ambassadors.

The winners will be announced at the opening ceremony of the toilets on November 23.

Competition was cut-throat, with some candidates arriving at 4 a.m. for the chance to wow the judges with demonstrable enthusiasm for all that goes on behind stall doors.

Bathroom humor was in abundance and costumes were elaborate, including toilet-paper dresses, a pair of superheroes and at least one claim to royalty by a self-styled potty-paper princess.

Aspiring actors vied with students trying to raise tuition money and even a businessman hoping to seed his enterprise.


The company estimates that about 500,000 people a year use the toilets, which are open during the last 6 weeks of the year.

The lucrative contest came as the U.S. economy was still shaking off the effects of the worst recession in decades, with nearly 10% of the nation’s work force without a job.

“With like 10% of the public out of work Charmin thought … why not elevate it to a situation where we could employ 5 ambassadors and really give them an amazing salary for an amazing job,” said Phillip Sontag, senior vice president at MS&L, a public relations firm working for Charmin.

The company also employs up to 150 people to work in the washrooms, presumably at a less lucrative salary.
– Reuters | 11/06/2009 11:46 PM

Love Thy Neighbour

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Here’s why—

BRISBANE, Australia – An Australian woman was rescued after spending a week wedged between her toilet and the bathroom door, an official said Tuesday.

The 67-year-old woman, suffering from dehydration, was taken to a hospital after firefighters in the eastern city of Ipswich ended her ordeal Sunday by removing the bathroom door from its hinges, Queensland state government spokesman Chantelle Rule said. The woman, who is diabetic, was not seriously ill, Rule said.

The woman, who has not been named, fell during the early hours of July 19 and somehow became trapped with her feet stuck on either side of the toilet bowl and her body wedged against the inward-opening door, Rule said.

Neighbor Michael Hibberd said he heard her cries for help as he hung his washing in his backyard Sunday morning. He could not open the door to her house and called police.

Hibberd said it was a reminder that people should look out for their neighbors.

“Just make a note of their movements and whatnot,” he told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio. “If anything becomes a bit off – like, you haven’t heard or seen them for a week or so — maybe just knock on the door and see if they’re OK.”

And all I can say to the Aussie who helped the damsel err granny in distress is-

G’ job, mate.

Heads Up

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This is literally and figuratively getting a head inside the Head. LOL


A Taiwanese man became a sitting target for a snake, which bit his penis as sat on the toilet at his rural home, according to local media reports.

“As soon as he sat down, he suddenly felt a knife-like pain and reacted instinctively by standing up,” says the China Times. “When he looked down, he saw the big snake.”

The 51-year-old man is under medical care with minor injuries, says the director at Puli Christian Hospital.

“As soon as he has passed the risk of infection, he can go. A snake’s mouth isn’t always clean.”

The black and yellow reptile, apparently a species of rat snake, was shown on the local news being uncoiled and plucked slowly from the toilet bowl.

Vote for America’s Best Public Restroom

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Whether it’s bad, naughty or nice, just let your neighbors know. The bottom line is when nature calls we don’t want to skip that loo.

So, loo and behold, it’s the time of year again when the verdict’s up to finally let it all out regarding our public restroom experiences.


CINTAS Corporation, a Cincinnati company has once again announced this year’s ten finalists of America’s Best Restroom Contest.

According to the company, this years candidates established a new standard for restroom quality, with washrooms reflecting their proprietors’ sense of taste, flare and humor, featuring some of the world’s finest materials, customer comforts and a few surprises.

The public is invited to vote online through July 31 at www.bestrestrooom.com and the winner will be announced in August 2009.

This year’s finalists for America’s Best Restroom are-

The Fox Theatre in Detroit

The Drake Hotel in Chicago

The Tremont Plaza Hotel in Baltimore

Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in Branson, Mississippi

Radio City Music Hall in New York

Canlis Restaurant in Seattle

The Tampa Theatre in Tampa, Florida

NOVA 535 in St. Petersburg, Florida

Macy’s Department Store in San Francisco

Zeffirino Ristorante in Las Vegas

Venetian Resort, Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

Japanese Toileture

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You have to give it to the Japanese when it comes to innovation.

Here’s for you bathroom readers-

A horror story printed on toilet paper to satisfy both your appetite for reading and pooping. All you have to do is fork up a reasonable 210 yen ($2.20) to get hold of the material and enjoy them in the comforts of your loo.

And if you don’t like Koji Suzuki’s horror in the loo stories, you can simply flush them down the drain pronto.

As for me, I might read the story but I will skip the loo.


Read the Poop News below-

TOKYO – In a country where ghosts are traditionally believed to hide in the loo, a Japanese company is advertising a new literary experience – a horror story printed on toilet paper.

Each roll carries several copies of a new nine-chapter novella written by Koji Suzuki, the Japanese author of the horror story “Ring,” which has been made into movies in both Japan and Hollywood.

“Drop,” set in a public restroom, takes up about three feet (90 centimeters) of a roll and can be read in just a few minutes, according to the manufacturer, Hayashi Paper.

The company promotes the toilet paper, which will sell for 210 yen ($2.20) a roll, as “a horror experience in the toilet.”

Toilets in Japan were traditionally tucked away in a dark corner of the house due to religious beliefs. Parents would tease children that a hairy hand might pull them down into the dark pool below. – AP